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Public Speaking

During Term 2 all classes participate in Public Speaking activities. Communicating orally is part of the English Syllabus. If we look at the Stage Statements it is clearly stated that ' students communicate with a wide range of audiences on familiar and introduced topics to achieve a variety of purposes'. Or 'by the end of Stage 3 students communicate effectively, using considered language to entertain, inform and persuade audiences for an increasing range of purposes.'

To give speaking more purpose and an audience, our Seacliff Community of Schools conducts a Public Speaking Competition every year for students in Year 1 - Year 6. As a school we are allowed to send three students - one from each stage to the COS Finals. 

Our Public Speaking Competition commences with all students preparing a persuasive speech to present to their class members. At the same time students also develop their skills in preparing and presenting impromptu speeches as part of their class activities. Each class determines their best few students - both Prepared and Impromptu Speeches are considered equally. We then hold a Speak Off for students. These are conducted in stage groups. For example: Stage One  ( Year 1 and 2 students), Stage Two ( Year 3 and 4 students) and Stage  Three ( Year 5 and 6 students). The three winners have the right to represent our school at the Seacliff COS Finals.

Parents may assist students prepare their prepared speech.