Coledale Public School

Quality Teaching & Learning in a Caring Environment

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About our school

Coledale Public School

Located in one of the most attractive locations in NSW for any school, with superb panoramic views being nestled between the magnificent Pacific Ocean and the Illawarra Escarpment.

Coledale Public School offers spacious, grassed playing areas and playground equipment, it has easy access to the beach and rock platform for field trips and a perfect view from our whale watching platform.

A family atmosphere exists with school members sharing, supporting, caring and co-operating with each other. This creates a great school spirit with a positive and supportive attitude displayed by pupils.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in the daily running of the school through various jobs and responsibilities. This in turn develops their leadership skills and self-confidence.

We have a well-resourced Library and classrooms with Interactive whiteboards in every room and modern furniture and equipment. Every student from years 2 - 6 has a laptop and ipads are available K-6. We strive to give our students opportunities to be 21st Century learners.

A strong emphasis is placed on catering for the needs of all students. The teachers at our school are committed to presenting quality teaching that provides students with the opportunity to achieve their potential. Students work towards personal learning goals and teaching and learning is differentiated to ensure every child experiences success at school.

In our small school, teachers and students are more familiar with each other. The students engage in peer support activities that help to develop close relationships among all students. Students have a buddy in the younger years and we also have buddy classes. Coledale public school provides opportunities for maximum involvement and participation in extra-curricula activities such as Band, Music lessons, environmental education,Southern Stars Choir, High Potential and Academically Gifted class and Sport Gala days and other school and community events.

Our school has an Award winning Kitchen/Garden program and a recently added ‘Connecting Threads’ upcycling program that has been featured on Studio 10 television, ABC Illawarra and Illawarra Flame magazine. All students learn and actively care for our organic garden. Students in years 3-6 are garden leader’s and they share their knowledge with their buddy students in K-2. This allows all students to have a ‘hands on’ approach in our environmental program. Garden produce is also available for sale, when plentiful, to our community. Our chickens are cared for by the ‘Coledale Cluckers’ and composting and worm farms are also utilised by the students to help with sustainability. Parents are welcome to assist with our garden, chickens and Connecting Threads programs. 

Our History


Coledale Public School was officially opened by N.S.W. State Parliament on 30th March, 1912. The first teacher Mr. Jethro Clark was appointed in June, 1912. The school grew quickly and by 1913 there were 147 students enrolled. In February 1931 Mr. Thomas, the headmaster reported that the enrolment was 218 students. He had had four assistants and one class had a student group of 64 children.

Each classroom had a fireplace which had a chimney connected to it. Local coke would have been used in the fireplaces. In 1918, two more classrooms were added on the northern side of the school.

On the weekend of 30th March 2012 we celebrated our Centenary.

We thank the many past, present and future students, staff and community members who came along and made our weekend such a success.

We would also like to thank the many people who kindly donated items for this occasion.