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Transcript Growth Mndsets at Revesby PS

So 'Growth Mindset' is the ability to

see your brain as being like a muscle

and the ability that you can

grow and learn and improve.

When I was doing my writing

I made a lot of mistakes.

I thought I couldn't do it.

I tried out for the Spelling Bee.

I wasn't confident.

I used my growth mindset

and I made it to the district competition.

When I do tests

I sometimes get the answer wrong

but the test happens again and

then I get the answer right.

To me 'growth mindset' is saying;

never give up even if you don't succeed.

To have a growth mindset

I use the power of 'Yet.'

If I haven't done something I say

I just haven't done this YET.

The focus is very much on

the effort that is going into the work.

It's not just about a grade.

It's about how each individual student is improving.


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